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Nu Standard™ Club TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins

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TAKE N GO Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins™ - 60 Vegetarian Capsules 

It’s happening, Queen… the unexpected hair loss from mental stress.  Today’s climate has exacerbated our stress level to an all-time high,  making it sometimes unmanageable.  And unfortunately, unmanaged mental stress leads to health deficiencies, which can cause irreversible hair loss.  

So do we ignore the problem until permanent baldness occurs or stop the hair loss now?   

Our TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins are formulated to stop and prevent hair loss from mental stress for our Busy Queens.*  Baldness is not in our vocabulary! Everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy crown on-the-GO!




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Unmanaged stress can lead to essential vitamin and mineral deficiencies.* 

Our TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins nourish the beauty within as the first step on your easier and better haircare journey. Our ingredients specifically target hair health, stress management, and overall wellness.* And with two pills a day, you can feel and look fabulous in at least 14 days.*

This supercharged, plant-powered multivitamin has the nutrients your body craves to help lower stress hormones, improve circulation, and grow longer, stronger, healthier hair (bonus: younger-looking skin and stronger nails!).



We believe in taking a “less is more” approach to haircare, and we love that our TAKE N GO™ Hair & Scalp Vitamins provide an all-in-one function. 

  • For Hair - delays shedding cycles to keep your hair on your head longer
  • For Scalp - promotes sebum production to combat dry scalp
  • For Diet - treats common nutritional deficiencies that may be related to premature hair loss
  • For Mood - contains a high concentration of Vitamin D to prevent depression and improve mood
  • For Energy Level - loaded with B Complex vitamins to improve brain function



We suggest two (2) vitamin capsules  daily with a meal for maximum absorption. 

You can also squeeze, twist, and dump the contents of two (2) capsules into a coffee, smoothie, yogurt, oatmeal...the possibilities are endless.

Do not take this supplement within one hour of taking medication. Do not exceed the recommended dose.



Our TAKE  N GO™ Hair & Scalp Vitamins are for adults only.

If you are taking medication, pregnant, or lactating, please consult a health care professional before using any supplements. 




Vitamin A 120mcg RAE; Vitamin C 120mg; Calcium 80mg; Iron 14.5mg; Vitamin D3 20mcg; Vitamin e 14mg; Vitamin B1 6mg; Vitamin B6 8mg; Folate 1,467mcg DFE; Vitamin B12 12mcg; Biotin 600mcg; Magnesium 120mg; Vitamin B5 30mg; Zinc 7mg; Manganese 4mg; Potassium 12mg; Proprietary Blend: 409mg - PABA, L-Tyrosine HCL, Horsetail Extract, Fo-Ti, Bamboo Extract, Nettle Root, Peony, Spirulina, Saw Palmetto, Plant Sterols, Alfalfa, Barley Grass

Inactive Ingredients - Cellulose(Veggie Capsule), Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide



If you find our hair products not working for you, you have 30 days to return from the original ship date. Our goal is to make the experience easy and stress-free.



Healthy hair is a journey, not a destination, and there are three (3) essential steps for achieving the hair health you deserve.

STEP 1. NOURISH - Take two vitamins a day to prevent hair loss from nutritional imbalances caused by mental stress and poor diet.

STEP 2. TREAT - Use our  HYDRASILK® Hydrating Bond System to help rebuild and repair your hair from damage caused by chemical treatments, heat styling, and physical stress.  

STEP 3. CARE - Use our Go Series products to protect hair from future damage from UV rays and other types of environmental stress.



Our Products are FDA Registered. Learn More

We believe in transparency for you and our community.  Check out our FAQs .

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

**Free automatic membership when you purchase a Nu Standard™ Club product.  Nu Standard Club is a no-commitment subscription plan designed for your convenience and to save money.  Online cancellation available 24-7. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Natasha Aveda (Hartford, CT)
The investment is worth it!✨

I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for, thus vitamin is amazing, easy to swallow and I’m in the monthly subscription, it’s a game changer, in my routine of high quality Whole Foods, high quality organic hair products and a gallon of water a day

Shavonne Nembhard (Miami, FL)
Tremendous Growth

I've been taking these vitamins for over a year as a result have had tremendous growth.

Nyrhe U Royal (Okemos, MI)
Have not received


Although the order has been submitted 19 days ago, I have not received my vitamins yet to make a determination on what I think. I appreciate the interest but I need the product to determine what I think of them.

Nyrhe Royal

We sincerely apologize for the absurd delay and hope our immediate response to redeliver your products lessen your disappointment. We truly appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to get it right... :)

Niyahcee M. (New York, NY)
Company & Product

In my sincere opinion nu standard is an excellent company. The customer service I received was amazing. I purchased 2 bottle not understanding that the next month the system would read my actions as me saying I wanted purchase to 2 bottles of vitamins every month, which is not a bad thing but not what I intended. I called and sent an email explaining my intentions and nu standard response was professional, kind and courteous. They reimbursed me, and ended my subscription allowing me the chance to reorder when I was ready. I still wish the system was set up to purchase ahead, but I accept their way of doing things.
THE PRODUCT- I’m a j54 year old female of color. I suffer from traction Alopecia. I never realized how much balding edges would bother my self confidence until I saw it in photos. I was searching for a product that spoke directly about hair from the inside/out as well as being mindful of the truth about hair journeys without over selling their products. My thought was if the product was that good, it would speak for itself. I have been using nu standard for almost 4 months, I would say that my hair journey is going good but slow. Don’t get me wrong it’s working and I am seeing great results (even hair growing on my edges where hair had not grown for years), but my hair damaged was great and so I knew that if recovery was possible that it would require great patience. I would definitely recommend nu standard. The product is set up to help you succeed in developing a healthy scalp and hair. I’m excited where this journey is going . I really hope that this review helps someone with their decision to purchase or stay consistent with nu standard. I’ll be purchasing the shampoo and conditioner bar soon. God bless (I’ll share photos another time.)

Teresa Walker (Dallas, TX)
Awesome hair pills

My hair is growing!!!

Pamela Fields (Red Oak, TX)

Nu Standard™ Club TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins

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