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"Healthy hair is a journey.  not a destination."

Stress comes at you in many forms and can wreak havoc on your tresses. We are here to help you manage mental stress from hair loss, treat hair damage from physical stress, and protect future hair damage from environmental stress. We know how much pride you take in the health of your hair, so here are the tools needed to make your haircare journey easier and better. 



Hair loss prevention starts on the inside, as the stress hormone cortisol is a common trigger for hair loss. A daily dose of two (2) of our TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins can help raise Vitamin D levels, boost mood, promote gut health, improve overall wellness, and prevent hair loss caused by nutritional imbalances and mental stress. 

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The freedom to style and manipulate our crowns makes us all uniquely magical. However, in exercising our versatility, we cause loads of physical stress to our hair. Our HYDRASILK™ professional and direct-to-consumer products  aim to treat and repair damage caused by heating tools, chemical processes, and general brushing/styling. Repair, rebuild and restore to fight breakage from the physical stress of daily maintenance.

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What about the daily environmental stress on your hair that is out of your control? Harsh UV rays, pollutants, hard water, and extreme weather conditions can also wreak havoc on your tresses over time. We protect the things we care for, right? Your hair should not be the exception. Take care of your hair using our  HAIR WELLNESS ON-THE-GO™ products. Prevention is the best protection, and it’s the ultimate self-care.

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Made for the Busy Queens on-the-GO

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