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It's simple as 1-2-3, nourish + treat + care

Every woman's haircare journey has manageable ups and downs. However, the journey becomes painful when the number one (1) enemy, UNMANAGED stress, ignites the start of hair loss.

The founder, Autumn, shares her early experience:

"Honestly, I ignored all the initial signs of chronic hair loss until I noticed my hair everywhere but on my head. My hairline was disappearing, and my hair looked stringy and thin. Then, deep frustration and anxiety took over. I desperately needed help. I reluctantly reached out to my hairstylist and doctor with fear of the diagnosis. To my surprise, the diagnosis was unmanaged STRESS. I thought this would be “easy peasy,” breathe more, do yoga, have a glass of wine and you are good. But of course, the problem worsened, and the next option was prescriptive medication. Concerned with this option, I immediately knew time and money would be unwillingly sacrificed."

At some point, every woman encounters hair loss from stress. But, unfortunately, most do not understand the impact until it is too late, especially for women on-the-GO (Busy Queens).

Autumn shares every Busy Queen's pain:

"Queens, I will keep it real… I was not ready to start a prescriptive drug regimen. The cost, drug side-effects, and possible lifetime commitment worried me. So I reached out to my beauty superheroes: hairstylists, chemists, and industry pioneers to help me tackle the problem with a drug-free and self-care approach. This was not an overnight startup. But, after countless years of trial and error, expert guidance, and unwavering support from family and friends, Nu Standard™ was born."

Nu Standard was carefully crafted to meet the needs of every Busy Queen’s mind, body, and hair. Nu Standard provides an easier and better haircare journey through wellness and health for the busy woman on-the-GO. It’s simple: nourish, treat, care.

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