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“When you don’t have any hair, what’s the point of styling... Too many styling methods and products give my busy queens false promises for their crowns."

-Autumn Yarbrough, Founder

Autumn Yarbrough was listening to Miles Davis’ “So What” on her way home one day, when she had a moment of clarity. Right then, it dawned on Autumn that she wanted to do for hair what Davis did for jazz.

Davis changed the classical standards by creating a new standard for how they were played. “I love how Davis unapologetically changed the way jazz was played,” she said. Well, Autumn wanted to create a new standard for how women cared for their hair. So, she named her company Nu Standard - and that’s exactly what it has set out to do.

Nu Standard provides the Necessary Understanding (NU) - of hair wellness for the busy women on the go (aka busy queens) especially for those with textured hair. After all, for decades there has been little education about how women with textured hair should care for it.

Nu Standard wants to be a catalyst for change by concentrating on hair health and wellness since most companies focus on style.  Understand, Nu Standard is the result of a self-kept dream that began when Autumn was a child and became a reality in 2020. “When you don’t have any hair, what’s the point of styling,” Autumn said. “Too many styling methods and products give my busy queens false promises for their crowns."

Nu Standard has an innovative hair wellness system that treats hair from the inside out. It’s a simple three-step method: nourish, treat, and care.

(1) NOURISH: Healthy hair starts from within. Our wellness products combat and prevent hair loss from unmanaged stress and nutritional deficiencies.

(2) TREAT: Your Hair Hero, the licensed hairstylist. We have partnered with licensed hairstylists across the country to provide a state-of-the-art reconstructive treatment to moisturize and strengthen textured and chemically-treated hair – Hydrasilk® Hydrating Bond System.

(3) CARE: Our day-to-day, travel-friendly, multifunctional, and water-free haircare products deliver high performance in a matter of seconds for our Busy Queens.

“We think differently. Healthy hair is not a destination, it’s a journey and partnership,” Autumn said. “And we are making sure every Busy Queen is equipped to keeping her hair on her head, period.”

Autumn grew up in the haircare industry amongst self-starters, so it made sense for her to create her own company to solve a problem that has plagued women for centuries.

D-I-Y- was overrated for Autumn and she knew the importance to partner with the hair experts, licensed hairstylists, for Nu Standard’s hair wellness system to thrive. That’s why licensed “healthy hair conscious" stylist are the long-term key to healthier hair. They have the experience and knowledge to TREAT textured hair and help all women achieve and maintain a lifetime of healthier hair.

“Our partnership with 'healthy hair' conscious stylists will make our hair wellness movement unstoppable,” she said, “and this would help us get out there much quicker to shout from the mountaintops on how important hair wellness is...because it’s something we don’t discuss in our industry or community, especially for textured hair.”

Finally, those days are over. We are talking about it loud and proud. The new movement is here!  Women want the confidence they can keep their hair for a lifetime. They want a health and wellness system they can trust for their hair.

They are ready for a NU STANDARD.

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