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Our Team

The DNA of NU Standard®

Autumn Brown Yarbrough

Founder | CEO

“I grew up admiring my family’s hard work and success to deliver affordable haircare products to our community. I am ready to take the lead, amplify their purpose, and have a global presence for all. This is the Nu Standard.”

Derrick Yarbrough, MBA

Senior Financial Advisor

“We believe in recycling our dollars into our community so we together are stronger to accomplish economic growth and financial opportunity for everyone. This is the Nu Standard.”  

Renee Cottrell Brown

Senior Marketing Advisor

“Paying it forward and making sure we take care of our community is the standard. But creating nothing into something to empower others is the Nu Standard.”

Myron Mims, Esq

General Counsel

“From an organizational and governance perspective, our objective is to maintain sound governance protocols, prudent regulatory compliance, and robust transparency and accountability to our customers, shareholders, and investors. This is the Nu Standard.”

Tracy Ashley, MBA

Product Director | Cosmetic Chemist

“I have an affinity for crafting clean beauty products. My interest peaked nearly three decades ago as an R&D chemist in the haircare industry.  Today, I continue to be passionate about creating innovative and sustainable products fit for a Busy Queen. This is the Nu Standard.”

Sasha Gelemanovic

Chief Technology Officer| Marketing Director

“I believe in sharing my creativity and art with the world. I hope my art reflects the beauty I see in the Busy Queen and that she deserves it all. This is the Nu Standard.”

Danielle Helena Gonder Turner

Digital Content Creator

“It’s an honor to bring my creativity to an environment where the goal is empowering other women. I love helping women learn more about their hair and their health, and I enjoy helping them look and feel their best. This is the Nu Standard.”

Dr. Tracy Pipkin, MD

Women's Health and Wellness Expert

"Internal health is the key to achieving mind, body, and hair. I love helping Busy Queens learn more about the biological mechanics of their inner beauty. Your health is your real beauty wealth. This is the Nu Standard."

Tijana Gelemanovic

General  Coordinator

“Being a Busy Queen myself,  I love getting out in communities to share the importance of self-care, especially with our Busy Queens.  Self-care is not selfish it's vital to life. This is the Nu Standard.”

Lenita Griffis-Browning

Chief Education Officer

Being naturally curious and committed to lifelong learning, I have created haircare solutions for professionals and consumers throughout my 40-year, beauty industry career. Partnering and mentoring professionals allows me to pay it forward and honor those who have poured into my personal and professional life.  “This is the Nu Standard.” 

Alana Snowden

Education Director

What excites me is being in the professional beauty industry for 30 years, sharing knowledge and training professional beauty enthusiasts from all over the world. The common thread we all share is to be of service at our highest level. I am committed to creating top of the line education that inspires, motivates, and fuel new leaders in the movement of Wellness X Beauty.  “This is the Nu Standard.” 

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