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"Healthy hair is a journey and not a destination. Nu Standard™ will be with you every step of the way to stop and prevent the hair loss caused from stress. You deserve it all."


Hair Serum  Silicone Jojoba Oi;

01 Jul, 2022

How and when to use hair serums?

Serums are best for all hair types. Because a great one will not weigh the hair down, even the finest textures can benefit from hair serum.  If you brush/comb your hair often, spend time outside, live in an extreme climate, blow dry your hair, use heating tools, or want healthier-looking hair, hair serum is the perfect solution. 
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Shampoo Bar for Hair

01 Jun, 2022

Do Shampoo Bars Really Work?

Not all shampoo bars are created equal. But, our WASH N GO™ Butter Bar contains mild surfactants that easily strip away dirt, grime, and product buildup while leaving the sebum intact. The result? The deluxe package of CARE on the go: less breakage, fewer split-ends, less moisture loss, more days between washing, and overall healthier hair. Finer hair types may not require additional conditioning after use.
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Conditioner Bar for Hair

01 May, 2022

Why are Conditioner Bars best for textured hair?

Our HYDRATE N GO™ Butter Bar is convenient enough to travel anywhere. Want a quick wash and go look without a wash? Simply wet the hair and condition it using the HYDRATE N GO™ Butter Bar. Then, depending on desired hydration, you can rinse it out or leave it in. Your textured hair will dry beautifully. 
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