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TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins
Sherill Valerio. Lake Elsinore California (Lake Elsinore, CA)
Hair pills - major health benefits

I love my hair pills. They elevate my mood and help with my depression. Hair is growing pretty good. I will be buying another bottle really soon.

SPRAY N GO™ Daily Hair Refresher
Kay (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Love it

This stuff is light and refreshing, and smells amazing!!

TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins

TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins

Lead By Example

It’s A Yasssss For Me!!!!

My scalp & hair has never felt so good I’m falling in love 💕with my hair all over again.

I’am a product of the product…..take my lead I’m a great example!


TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins
Nathalia Noel (Oceanside, CA)
Longer then it’s ever been

My hair is shiny, stronger and longer then its ever been. I suggest these vitamins to my family and friend.

We are so happy to hear the feedback! Thank you for the support and trusting us with your hair.

Love my hair vitamins

I have been taking my hair vitamins for a little over 30 days, so far so good. I love the shine they bring to my hair. They are easy to swallow, and I enjoy having them on auto ship. Great convenience!

Love It!

It works well with my natural hair!

YAAAS! Watch the repair transformation each week. Its addicting!


Nu Standard Team

TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins
Leigh Butler (Frisco, TX)
These actually work!

I was skeptical because I had tried a bunch of different supplements to help with my shedding. Nothing worked. I was introduced to these vitamins and took them religiously according to the directions. In 6 weeks, I noticed a DRAMATIC decrease in shedding!!! As well as an increase in the amount of new growth! I am a believer and will continue to take these vitamins along with using the other Nu Standard products.

Thank you for your support and testimonial!!! We are excited to be a part of your haircare journey.


Autumn (founder)

TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins
Judith Hawkins (Coppell, TX)
No results to report yet!

I haven’t taken them long enough to give a review, give me 90 days and I should be able to see results by then, thank you for inquiring!

Yes, 90 days is a critical time to measure the results. In 90 days you should have very little to no shedding, less to no dry, itchy scalp, and new growth. We cannot wait for the feedback.


Nu Standard Team

TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins
Wanda Comeaux (Dallas, TX)
Nu hair vitamins

I’ve only been taking them for about one week, haven’t noticed any growth as of yet.

Keep us posted. Also pay attention to your scalp condition. You should see increase in sebum production, which will help stimulate your hair follicles for growth. If for any reason our product does not meet your needs during you 60-day Crown Experience, then please let us know so we can take good care of you.


Nu Standard Team

2nd Time Around

Taking them daily, along with the Hydrasilk, Serum and refresher looking forward to amazing results

New Hair Recovery Journey

I received the greatest compliment from my husband, he could see a glow in my hair. I had the biggest kool-aid smile. I've been faithful taking my vitamins. My hair went into shock after the death of my stylist. I was shedding badly. Now after taking the vitamins, shedding is not as much as before. I know it's a process and I'm here for the VICTORY!!!

Amazing !

My hair is thicker and more healthy with much less shedding . I saw a huge difference after only 30 days . I’m hooked !

Great Product

My wife, my mom, and my daughter are using them. All three for different reasons. My wife's scalp and hair got ruined after the last cancer treatment she had but the Nu Standard vitamins are helping her hair big time. My mom's hair was thin and was falling off but after 6 months using the vitamins that's not happening any more. The daughter just wants her hair to grow faster :D

new client

So far so good. I've taken the vitamins for a little over a week now.

Game Changer

These hair pills changed the game. For my hair with what my hair was going through at the time. I feel like I have a new head of hair !

From a Cancer Survivor/Amazing Vitamins!!!!!

These vitamins are amazing!!! You can imagine what my hair looked like after 6 months of chemos but taking 2 vitamins a day helped my hair grow faster. I also noticed that my hair is thicker and it doesn’t fall off as it used to. My confidence is back!!! Oh, and this is my sixth month of taking them.

TOUCH N GO™ Daily Hair Serum
Angela Henderson (Compton, CA)
This is the one!

I workout 5 days a week and it’s wreaking havoc on my hair! The sweat is constantly drying my hair out! Now I apply the daily hair serum when styling my hair and it restores all the moisture and smells awesome! Highly recommend

Love it!!

I was searching for a vitamin to help strengthen my hair and this is it! In only a few months, my hair is stronger, thicker and longer!!! I’m Nu Standards biggest fan!

TOUCH N GO™ Daily Hair Serum
Kiplyn (Dallas, TX)
Awesome hair product

The touch in go serum is really a great hair product. It doesn't take much, and your hair looks great with a beautiful shine.

SPRAY N GO™ Daily Hair Refresher
Erika H (Fort Worth, TX)

Super light on my hair! I love using Spray and Go, it doesn’t weigh my hair down, revitalizes my hair and makes styling so much easier! I also love using Spray and Go on my daughter’s hair because I know it’s not harmful on her curls and keeps her hair moisturized.

Love Love my results!!

I started using the vitamins to help restore my hair… I am beyond pleased with how they work! I have tried other products and have seen minimal results. These vitamins are great! My hair is so healthy and has grown so much since I started taking them. I would definitely recommend Nu Standard!

I use the hair serum and the vitamins I love this product!!
It’s the best.

TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair & Scalp Vitamins
Rose Oswald (McKinney, TX)

After having three kids back to back, I thought I’d have thin edges forever. These Take and Go Vitamins have had a tremendous impact on my hair. My skin & hair are back!!!! Once I started my second bottle I really started to see a huge difference. Then my stylist asked what I was doing differently & I haven’t looked back since. I have so much less breakage & shedding, fewer split ends and my skin is so much clearer. I am so glad to have found these vitamins!!!

TOUCH N GO™ Daily Hair Serum
Rose Oswald (McKinney, TX)
Lightweight but packs a punch!

Love it! A small bit goes a long way… keeps my hair shiny & smooth. I hate using products because I don’t like my hair to feel weighed down/oily, but added this as part of my straight routine (blow out/flat iron). It works wonders in humidity & I apply a tiny bit daily and it keeps my hair looking shiny. My ends are looking healthier than ever. I’ve been able to go much longer between trims since I started using the serum. Awesome!

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